Porcelain espresso/mocha cup (white with gold decoration) and saucer (black with gold decoration) + small water glasses with gold rim 18-pieces

Espresso-cup volume: 90 ml
Water glass volume: 120 ml

Delivery time: 2-3 days.

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Porcelain espresso/mocha cup and saucer + small water glasses

Turkish mocha (coffee) is a coffee preparation whose origin dates back centuries and has even gained its place on the list of intangible world cultural heritage. This set represents magnificent art with its gold accents and color choice.
This product is available with 6 top cups, 6 saucers, and 6 water glasses.

Also worth mentioning is that the saucer is equipped with a practical elevation, which serves to ensure that the cup stands firmly and at the same time also gives the design of this product a certain class.

Due to their fine workmanship, these products may only be cleaned by hand.
We recommend cleaning each product carefully by hand with lukewarm water and a gentle detergent. To avoid damage from contact with other dishes in the sink, the cups and saucers should be washed individually and one after the other.
Immediate dry polishing is recommended afterwards.

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